150,- Kč / m2

Two solutions are included in the price.

2D Layout plan

2D layout plan is the first step to creating the interior of your dreams. We meticulously plan and design floor layouts to optimize space, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. 


It consists of a floor plan with basic dimensions, furniture layout, and layout changes (e.g. wall demolition). 

500,- Kč / m2

3D Interior modeling

It serves to create an idea of the appearance of your future interior. 


It contains digitized documents including used materials and colors, photoraelistic 3D visualization, design consultation and incorporation of modifications according to your requirements. 

From 3000,- Kč / profession

Construction documentation

Construction documentation provides a roadmap for builders to bring the vision into existence.


We bridge the gap between design and construction, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality. 

From 4000,- Kč / room

Furniture documentation

These documents offer a comprehensive overview necessary for the pricing and subsequent production of custom furniture.


Documentation includes suggested dimensions, material specifications, handles and other details.